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Toronto, 12
Southwestern Ontario. Photo © Mark Visser

Water Tower - Hanna Ave. Before

Tower in storage during construction

Reinstalled in new location

Tower location: 43 Hanna Avenue. Built: most likely in 1912
Photo credits: Left and right © Mark Visser. Centre: © Christopher Horrell
January 26, 2004. City of Toronto staff report
"The application is to permit the renovation and redevelopment of the Irwin Toy factory to create 215 live/work units. The existing water tower and Irwin Toys sign is an important
, longstanding feature of the existing city skyline. The applicant is currently proposing to retain the water tower and relocate it from the southeast corner of the building to its southwest corner"
Irwin Toy Factory and water tower. The Irwin Toy Factory Lofts at 43 Hanna Ave have become a recognizable landmark in the centre of Liberty Village.  The truth is it’s been a Liberty Village landmark since it was constructed in 1912 as a paper factory owned by Hinde and Dauch, Toronto’s largest paper manufacturers. The paper factory sold the building to the Irwin family, who started one of Canada’s legendary toy companies in the building in 1940. The Irwin Toy Factory became well-known for making some of the coolest toys around, including hula-hoops, Slinky, yo-yos, board games and action figures. In 2004, Irwin Toys sold the factory building to Lanterra Developments, one of Toronto’s  best known condo development companies.
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