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Toronto, 13, 14, 15
Southwestern Ontario. Photo © Mark Visser

WaterTower - City View Dr. Water Tower - Wallace Ave. Water Tower - Broadway Ave.
Location: 650 City View Drive
Capacity: This tower was built for the
Toronto Congress Centre, off Dixen Road
Location: 224 Wallace Avenue
There are plans to refurbish
this historical tower
Location: 60 Broadway Ave
@ Estem Avenue
Signage: Broadview
Canadian General Electric water tower, top right. This tower as well as the Broadway tower, top right, are often referred to as Chinese Top Hat Towers because the conical shaped roofs do resemble a Chinese straw hat. This older style of water tower can still be found throughout the USA and Canada. Even though many of them are no longer operational they are still standing because of their sentimental (they have been there FOREVER!!) and historical value.
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