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Toronto, 9, 10, 11
Southwestern Ontario. GTA. Photo © Mark Visser

WaterTower - Lakeshore Rd. E.

Water Tower - Don Valley Parkway

Surge Tank - The Queensway

Location: Ashbridge Bay treatment Plant
Lakeshore Road East
Signage: Toronto
Built: around 2000
Location: 21 Don Valley Parkway
Signage: Ponds Unilever
In 2002 the plant was sold to Korex Don Valley ULC who will continue to operate the facility, manufacturing product for Unilever Canada ( Sunlight, Lipton, Red Rose, Becel margarine, Dove and Salon Selectives.)

Location: 71 The Queensway
Built: 1940s
Height: inside tank: 28.04 m. D: 7.31 m. Height above ground: 18.29 m.
October, 2017 restoration contract approved re:
Parkdale Pumping Station and circular surge tank at 71 The Queensway.
. The surge tank consists of 3.6 m concrete base and about 13.4 m brick finish concrete water retaining structure. Upgrades of the surge tank will include crack injection at the concrete base, brick restoration including removal of damaged brick and replacing with new as well as removal, salvage and restoration of cornice stone.
Chinatown. One of the first settlers in Toronto’s Chinatown, Sam Ching, opened and maintained a hand laundry business on Adelaide Street. This was during 1878. He was the only Chinese man documented in the registry for the city.
Chinatown now covers a large block of multiple streets that you can walk through with businesses on either side to visit.
The Don Valley Parkway. The Unilever tower can be seen from the Don Valley Parkway. The DVP connects the Gardiner Expressway in downtown Toronto with Highway 401. The expressway followes more or less the Don River. This scenic road is a parking lot during rush hours
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