Trenton (3). Southeastern Ontario.
Photo Credits: © Mark Visser
Tower Message:
Tower Location:
Hwy. 2
Tower Information
Built: 1930s. In the late 1980s it began to leak and was decommissioned. The observation deck is currently used as a communications platform. (info Peter Mills)
Capacity: 5,455,000 liters

Water Source:
Area Information: Canadian Forces Base Trenton (CFB Trenton), is a Canadian Forces Base located 4.26 km. northeast of Trenton. CFB Trenton is an air base and is primarily used by Air Command (AIRCOM). It is home to a large portion of AIRCOM's transport and search and rescue (SAR) aircraft.
The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) station to be called RCAF Station Trenton, was officially opened in August 1931. The location was chosen for being the mid-point between Ottawa and Toronto. It also provided the possibility of using the facility for sea planes operating on Lake Ontario.
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