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- Flat with the classic roll-rim. Plumbing comes in at (sometimes squared off) foot area.
- Single slipper. Headrest is on the raised end of the tub. The plumbing comes in at foot area.
- Double slipper. Both ends are raised with headrests on both ends. Plumbing coming in at the middle-section of the tub.
- Faucets for a clawfoot bathtub can be free standing, attached to the rim or through the side of the tub.

Detail of the classic clawfoot
design on a modern acrylic tub

Clawfoot Bathtubs

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Clawfoot bathtubs. Clawfoot tub restoration
Clawfoot tubs can be an interesting feature of any bathroom. The old cast iron clawfoot tub is a collector's item and is hard to find in a good and usable condition. They can be refurbished to their former glory. However, it may be more economical to purchase a replica made of acrylic or fiberglass. Some clawfoot tubs are equipped with a shower curtain and shower head. Clawfoot tubs may require more water than a standard sized bathtub.

Clawfoot tubs can be made of cast-iron, acrylic or copper.
Cast-iron tubs are very heavy and last "forever". The hard baked on enamel finish is scratch and stain resistant. However, over time, chips, scratches and stains will become evident especially if the tub has been sitting outside for a long time. It is time consuming and expensive to refurbish an old clawfoot cast-iron bathtub.
Acrylic clawfoot tubs are cheaper, much lighter and scratch easier than tubs made of cast-iron. Almost without exception acrylic is the choice of material for clawfoot bathtubs in new home construction and major bathroom renovations. Scratches can be relatively easy to fix.
Copper clawfoot tubs made of hammered copper or bronze will add simplicity and elegance to any bathroom. It is also possible to purchase a copper clawfoot tub with a nickel plated inside and nickel accents. To compliment your copper clawfoot bathtub add bronze accessories such as towel bars, hooks, toilet paper holders, and even faucets.
Other, not so common materials used for clawfoot tubs are stainless steel, stone, nickel plated in and outside, and acrylic tubs finished with a cypress wood exterior for that old homestead era look.

Double slipper. Plumbing at centre of tub

After you rescued the old clawfoot bathtub from the farm where it was used as a watering trough, it is time to contact a local clawfoot tub restoration firm in your area. He will help you to deside on type of tub and claw feet design that will match your bathroom decor.

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