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Door Guard Security Lock.Security latch

Even though a door guard lock is secure it is highly recommended to install a door alarm as well. Before opening the door observe from a peephole or window who is calling. The door guard and alarm should be activated before retiring in the evening or when working in the backyard.

Door chain or Door guard?
- Unlike a door chain, the door guard does not scratch or damage the door as pointed out in the picture below.
- A door guard is much stronger than a door chain which can be cut easy with a pair of bolt cutters.
Door Guard Security Lock.
Security latch

Door Guard Swing Lock

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Door Guard Security Lock.
Security latch.
For many years swing guard door locks were, and still are, used for motel and hotel rooms and for a good reason; they provide good security. It is an inexpensive security device also used for many homes.
In principle a swing guard lock is doing the same thing as what a door chain lock does. However, as far as security is concerned a door guard lock is much better. A chain lock can be snapped in seconds by an intruder using a pair of bolt cutters. A door guard is made of heavier material and is much stronger. It allows a person inside the house to open the door a few inches to see who is calling. It is also a safe way to open the door a few inches to "air out" the house.

This type of door security hardware comes in several finishes like satin-chrome, satin nickel, die cast zinc, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, chrome-plated or polished brass.

- Install the door guard about 12" (30 cm) above the the doorknob.
- The swivel arm part is fastened to the door casing and the fixed part to the door.
- With the door closed hold the two pieces in position, see photo, and mark ONE screw hole on each part.
- Drill ONE pilot hole for each part and install both parts.
- Open door carefully and see if both parts are properly aligned. If not, readjust as required and mark the other six holes.
- Drill pilot holes for all screws.
- Always use the longest possible screws. For the door part use screws which are slightly shorter than the thickness of the door.
- The door guard is an excellent security feature but don't forget to install a door alarm as well.
- The door guard shown in the picture can be fastened with #8 screws.

Position the two parts as shown.
The swing arm is wider at the hinge.
Make sure that the ball end of the fixed
part is positioned in the wide section
right at the hinge as shown in the photo

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