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French door with beveled glass and brass dividers



Interior Doors Overview
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French doors. Slab doors. Pocket doors. Bi-fold doors. Mirrored doors. Dutch doors. Saloon or cafe doors.

French doors are popular for living and dining rooms, or for any other room that doesn't require privacy. The door has up to 15 small windows or panes of glass separated by mullions and transoms made of wood or brass. Window panes can be flat, beveled or etched
Slab doors and the popular 800 series doors are used for sliding closet doors as well as for doors leading to rooms throughout the home.
Pocket doors are used when there is no room for a regular door. They are ideal in narrow hallways and for basement washrooms where there is no room for a swinging door.
Bi-fold doors, whether, solid, hollow core, half-louvered or full-louvered, are also mainly used for closets, but can be used for other rooms as well, except bedroom doors. Full-louvered doors can provide some necessary air circulation in closets as well as provide more combustion air for furnace rooms.
Mirrored bi-fold or sliding doors are often installed for bedroom closets or the front hall closet.

Dutch doors can be used for garden and tool sheds or pool equipment structure. It is divided in half horizontally. The bottom half may remain shut to keep out pets, while the top half opens allowing in light and fresh air.
Saloon or cafe doors are a pair of lightweight swinging doors sometimes installed for bars in the basement.
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