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Chances are good to find an aluminum screen door that will fit your door opening at your local building supply centre. If your door is not standard you can have one custom made through a retailer or by going on-line. A custom made door may offer you more options than the standard doors on display at your retailer.

Maintenance free?
That is what they claimed about aluminum siding many years ago. However, over time, airborne environmental pollutants will soil just about anything left outside for extended periods and regular cleaning is recommended.

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Aluminum Screen Doors

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Aluminum screen door

Some may argue that the wood screen door is slowly but surely being replaced by the aluminum storm door but I think that will never happen. There are still many older homes and homes in the country where an aluminum screen door just wouldn't "look right". There are many reasons for choosing an aluminum screen door for your home.
An aluminum screen door is rot resistant, will not warp and is fairly strong. There is no need for regular staining or painting. Many aluminum screen doors can be repaired easy by just replacing the damaged part instead of the entire door. Also, make sure that the screen has its own frame. If the screen is damaged all you have to do is slide in a new screen.
The enamel paint is baked on to make the door resistant to rust and to protect the door from deterioration caused by environmental pollutants. Manufacturers also claim that the door finish will not flake or fade but common sense tells me that the door should be wiped down from time to time. An aluminum door that is never cleaned will deteriorate faster than a well maintained door.
Maintaining an aluminum screen door
If the door is lightly soiled make a mixture of mild detergent and water and apply light pressure on the scrubber to clean the door. Use clean water to rinse the door. Don't forget to clean the door handle as well. If the hinges are not self-oiling apply some lubricants.
If the door has not been cleaned for awhile and is heavy soiled you may need a stronger solution. You may want to add about a cup of common household ammonia to a bucket of water and mix well. Apply more elbow grease to the scrubber when cleaning the door and rinse well after you are done.

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