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Yes, that is right. You can paint laminate kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Gone are the days when you had to replace everything. Today there are products like Cabinet Rescue® ,that make the job of painting a laminate surface an easy task. No need for primers and tools clean up easy with water.
- Sand lightly with 220 grit sandpaper.
- Clean cabinet doors, drawer fronts and cabinet frame surfaces.
- Apply the first coat of cabinet Cabinet Rescue®.
- Apply the second coat after about two hours.

NOTE: This waterborne acrylic melamine laminate coating dries fast to a hard factory like finish.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

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Kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinet refinishing
Gutting your kitchen and installing new kitchen cabinets is rather expensive but you can save up to 50% by refacing your cabinets. With refacing you just replace cabinet doors and drawer fronts but leave the supporting cabinet frame in place. There is a third option of getting a "new" kitchen by just refinishing cabinet doors, drawer fronts and the cabinet exterior frame. You can create a complete new look for your kitchen for only a few hundred dollars. Your only expenses would be for a good paint stripper, sandpaper, sealer, primer, paint/stain and new hardware (hinges, handles and drawer pulls).
Your existing kitchen cabinets are either made of wood or laminate. By painting or staining your cabinet doors, drawer fronts and cabinet frame face you can transform an outdated kitchen into a modern one. You can hire a painting contractor or do the refinishing yourself by following these easy to follow directions.

Number the doors and drawer fronts and place corresponding numbers inside the cabinet and drawers. If you paint the back of the doors as well they cannot be marked as the numbers would be painted over. You can still mark the door by partially reinstalling one hinge screw with the number attached.

You can either replace the kitchen cabinet door hinges or refinish them. The easiest way to do this is to place the hinges on a flat surface and use spray paint of a matching colour.

- Use a good quality stripper to remove the lacquer or varnish. Place the doors and drawer fronts on a flat surface outside because the fumes of strippers are strong and powerful. If you can't do this outside open all windows and doors to ventilate the fumes.
- Clean all parts with TSP, trisodium phosphate, to provide a better "grip" for the paint.
- Sand lightly going with the grain. Start with 150 grit sandpaper and finish off with 220 grit paper. For a final inspection of your sanding job apply a little mineral oil to spot any sections that need more sanding.
- Paint. Apply primer, followed by light sanding and one or two light coats of paint. There are also paints available with a built-in primer.
- Stain. Apply stain that is the same or slightly darker in colour than the original colour.

Shown below are the before and after pictures of a kitchen that has been repainted.
Read the 5-step method used to spruce up this kitchen for only $116.00!

. ...A "new" kitchen for less than $155.00. Click here to find out how it was done

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