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Pedestal sink. Pedestal basin
For the most part the enameled cast iron pedestal sinks have been replaced by those made from ceramic or composite materials. Ceramic units are heavy. The much lighter units made of composite materials may be more suitable for minor renovations.

The heavy ceramic bowl is supported by a pedestal and fastened to a wall. This sounds easy but it may be a challenge for installations in existing homes because you need something strong and solid inside the wall to fasten the basin to and support it's weight. In new construction and during major bathroom renovations, proper support is provided by a 2x6 framed into the wall construction.

Choose the pedestal sink and faucets at the same time as pedestal sinks come with several hole configurations to accommodate the installation of faucets.
Pedestal Sink

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Pedestal sink. Pedestal basin
They have been around for ages, fell in disgrace but have come back once again. They remain popular thanks in part to newer homes that are built with more than one bathroom and have other rooms that require a sink and toilet.
The pedestal basin does not need much space and can be the perfect solution for small bathrooms, powder rooms or guest bathrooms which usually contain only a sink and toilet. Since they are often installed in small rooms it is important that the unit 'fits in' to create a charming and elegant appeal. There is a great choice of styles and you can find them ranging in price to fit anyone's budget.
Just like vanity sinks, pedestal sinks have a set of taps to supply hot and cold water, a drain and overflow prevention.


There is only one drawback of a pedestal sink that I can think of and that is a lack of storage space below the basin. If necessary, you can install a medicine cabinet to store toiletry and medications. Another option is to place a small shelving unit or baskets on the floor at the pedestal base.

Pedestal sink

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