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Alliston - Ontario
Simcoe County. Photo © Stevenson Farms. Mark Visser

Tower Information
Location: Stevenson Farms
Built: 1929. Decommissioned: 1960s
Height: 22.86 meters.
Capacity: 68,191 liters
Photo credit: Stevenson Farms

This tower was built for a property owned by T.P. Loblaws. See below for more info.

Tower Information
Location: Fletcher Crescent (next to hospital)
Signage: New Tecumseth

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The "Loblaws" water tower
The tower was built in 1929 by Gould, Shapley, and Muir Co out of Brantford. It was originally built to service T.P. Loblaw's (founder of the grocery chain) summer retreat, cattle farm, and private golf course. After his death in 1933 the estate was purchased by W.J. Wood ran the estate as a dairy farm until the late 60's. Legend has it that it froze one winter and my grandfather was hoisting burning tires up it to try and thaw the bottom. Whatever happened the barrel structure has now become undone and has given the tower its infamous lean.
Area information
The Town of New Tecumseth was created in January 1991 and encompasses the former municipalities of the Town of Alliston, Villages of Beeton and Tottenham, and Tecumseth Township.
In early November, 1847 William Fletcher and his son erected a log shanty, the first building in Alliston. During the summer of 1848 the Fletcher family erected a saw mill and established the first industry of the Town, and in 1853 built a grist mill.
By 1874 the population had increased to such an extent that approval was given to incorporate the hamlet of Alliston into a village. The first council took charge in January, 1875 with Reeve George Fletcher, son of the pioneer, presiding. |
In 1878, Alliston received it’s first train running on the Hamilton and North Western Railway. In 1891 the Village of Alliston became the Town of Alliston. Town of New Tecumseth
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