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Arthur - Ontario
County of Wellington. Photos © Mark Visser

Tower Information
Location: Smith Street
Signage: Arthur
About a year and a half after I took the picture on the left I passed through Arthur again and noticed the tower got a paint job. Tower Information
Location: Isabella Street East
Signage: Arthur
Built: 1931
Bronze plaque at the old 'Chinese Hat' water tower
Erected 1931-1932
Council 1931-1932
Austin P. Callighan - Samuel Young
George Wilson - John H. White
David T. Small - William H. Heppler
C.R. Hagey Engineer
Area information
Arthur is a community located just north of Highway 6 and Wellington Road 109 in the township of Wellington North. Formerly an independent village, Arthur was amalgamated into Wellington North on January 1, 1999.
The village was named after Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington.
Arthur's WW II contribution
In November 1942, the Toronto Star ran a front page headline that read "Arthur Village Gives Sons and Money to Aid the War", and recognized Arthur as the Most Patriotic Village in Canada, as one out of every seven Arthur residents fought in the Second World War. At that time 126 residents had enlisted from the population of 890. It was the highest ratio in comparison to villages of comparable sizes in Canada. By the end of the war, 338 Arthur residents had enlisted, and 25 were killed in action. Wikipedia
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