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Petrolia - Ontario
Lambton County. Southwestern Ontario. Photo © Mark Visser

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Left tower: Location: 345 Centre Street. Signage: Petrolia. Built: 1987. Height: 39.94 m.. Capacity: 2,290,000 l.. Water from Lake Huron
Green tower middle picture:
Riveted standpipe: Location: Centre Street. Capacity: 1,136,522 liters.
This is one of only a few, if not the only one, riveted and open standpipe still standing in Canada
Area information
Oil, oil, oil! That is what created the Best Town on Earth. Historic wealth is still evident in the homes, buildings, and parks. And yes…you can smell the oil. But our Heritage is much more than the black gold that continues to be drawn from creaking wells located just a short stroll from our thriving downtown. Petrolia is located in southwestern Ontario. It is part of Lambton County. It is billed as "Canada's Victorian Oil Town" and is often credited with starting the oil industry in North America Town of Petrolia
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