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Toronto, 4, 5, 6
Southwestern Ontario. GTA. Photo © Mark Visser

WaterTower - Warden Ave.

Water Tower - Talwood Dr.

Water Tower - William Ave.

Location: Warden Ave. S. of Eglington E
Signature: Toronto
Built: Mid 1950s
Height: 45 meters
Capacity: 4,500,000 liters
Water source: Lake Ontario
Location: Talwood Dr @ Tangmere Rd
Signage: Toronto
Built: 1953
Height: 50 meters
Capacity: 4,500,000 liters

Water source: Lake Ontario

Location: William Ave @ 22nd Street
Built: Mid 1950s
Height: 53 meters
Capacity: 5.700,000 liters
Water source: Lake Ontario
Fort York. A 43-acre national historic site located in the heart of downtown Toronto, Fort York is a Heritage Conservation District, a registered archaeological site and home to Canada’s largest collection of original War of 1812 buildings.
Black History in Toronto. Toronto has had a Black population from its earliest days as a settlement. Black groups have included United Empire Loyalists, Americans escaping enslavement, rural Canadians moving from Nova Scotia or southwestern Ontario, Jamaicans following economic opportunities, and Somalis and Ghanaians establishing themselves in a new land. Each individual and each community has contributed to the growth of Toronto as a unique city.
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