"Understanding Your Home" by Building Inspector Mark Visser
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Low tech and common sense home security tips

#1 Tip from interview with burglars.
Place a large dog bowl and chewing toys near exit doors. Why take a chance! There are lots of other homes on your street

Away for business or holidays?
Tips for when you are away for business or on holidays
Give the impression of that "live in look".
Tell your neighbours that you will be leaving town for awhile and ask them to keep an eye on the home for yo
Cancel newspaper or mail deliveries
Make it look like the house is occupied. Leave some things out in the front yard like children toys. Don't forget to buy a dog bowl and chewing toys, see # 1 tip above
Ask a neighbour to park their second car in your driveway
Buy a programmable timer for some lights and a radio to give the impression that the house is lived in
Make sure that the lawn is mowed regularly and that after a windstorm all debris is picked up
Have someone shovel the snow off the driveway. A few years ago, after we had some snow, I went to a friends house, drove up the driveway and walked from the car to the front door, leaving tire marks and footsteps in the fresh snow.
Buy a programmable timer for your outside Christmas lights

Home security tips

20 Low Tech and Common Sense
Home Security Tips

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Low tech and common sense home security tips
Installing a home security alarm system can be expensive but I have collected some home security tips that will help to make your home a less likely target for burglars. Most of my suggestions can be implemented easily and at low costs or even for free! In preparing this list I recalled an interview by a local newspaper reporter who asked convicted burglars "What would stop you from breaking into my home?" Some of the answers are incorporated in the list below.
I have divided the tips in two sections; one for 24/7 all year protection plus some tips for times you will be away for business or holidays.

24/7 All year
Install alarm warning decals on all doors and ground floor windows as well as a lawn sign telling "the world" that your home is protected by a security system
Replace burned out light bulbs immediately. Don't place the task on your "weekend things to do" list
Don't leave notes for service people or family members on the door. If you do, you might as well add another note saying: "Mr. Burglar, we are not home!"
Working in the backyard? Lock your front door and windows. Many burglaries take place during the day. It takes only a few minutes for a burglar to enter your home through an unlocked front door and walk away with some of your possessions
Do not plant bushes or hedges close to front, side, patio or back doors. They provide cover for would-be intruders
Cover your garage windows with a frosty pattern privacy window film. This way nobody can tell if your car is gone
Don't hide the spare house key in a location where everyone would be looking, such as underneath the floor mat, garden stone or in the planter. Be creative and hide the key in a location away from the door and out of sight from neighbours
Install inexpensive wireless door alarms and window alarms
Install door chain locks, entry door guards, door viewers
Replace spring loaded door locks with deadbolt locks
Install spotlights with motion sensors to light up side, back and walk-out basement entrances
Patio doors. Wedges, tension bars and the always popular hockey stick or broom handle don't work unless you spend another 15 cents. Read more and see illustration to the right.


Never leave notes!
It is an open invitation for burglars

Three 3" screws
Patio door security for 15 cent or less!

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