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Magnetic Hill
Richmond, New South Wales
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The Richmond Magnetic Hill is located on Bowen Mountain Road in the Township of Mountain Bowen, just east of Richmond. The hill is located at the Mountain Bowen Rd. and Westbury Road intersection. It only works for about 50 metres going uphill.
Directions from Sydney
From Sydney City, Take the Harbour Tunnel or Harbour Bridge, follow the Warringah Expressway straight through to Lane Cove, and follow through onto the M2 Motorway right to the end till the Blacktown Exit - Turn right onto Burns Road which follows onto Old Windsor Road, which runs into Windsor Road, turn right and it will take you right into Windsor. In Winsor make a right turn onto Winsor Richmond Road (40) and it will take you to Richmond. In Richmond 40 becomes Kurrajong Road. After crossing the Hawkesbury River in North Richmond turn left on Grove Vale Road. Then turn left on Bowen Mountain Road. The Magnetic hill is on Mountain Bowen Road as soon as you pass the intersection with Westbury Road.


WARNING. You are on a public road! Obey all traffic signs and rules. Where there are hills there are blind spots. Always bring someone to watch for other traffic. Never try the hill when the road is wet and slippery or during inclement winter weather conditions.
With caution, position your car at a "bottom" of the hill and put your car in neutral. Take your foot off the brake and you will experience the thrill of your car climbing the hill by itself. Always be aware of other traffic.

After trying this natural phenomenon you may question it's causes. Well, we don't want to disappoint you, but whether it is called a Magnetic Hill, Gravity Hill, Mystery Hill or Electric Brae it is an optical illusion. It has nothing to do with magnetic fields, electricity or unknown forces working along mysterious lines.

Area Information
Approximately one hours drive north west of Sydney City lies the charming Hawkesbury Valley. The country atmosphere at the historic town of Windsor, Richmond and St. Albans, and the quaint rural settlements of Kurrajong, Bilpin, Lower Portland, Ebenezer, Pitt-Town, Colo & Wiseman's Ferry, make up this picturesque area.
Discovered in 1789, the Hawkesbury Region was one of the earliest colonial settlements in Australia, and many of the buildings since those days have survived in the region creating a "time capsule" of Australian colonial history.
Since 1794, when the first 22 settlers arrived to farm their 30 acres, the area has been supplying fresh produce to Sydney and this continues right up to today, with many of the descendants from the first settlers still working and living in the district.

Take a walk around Windsor and you will see Colonial buildings still being used for its' original purposes. The Macquarie Arms Hotel, first licensed in 1815 is still serving drinks to thirsty travellers. If you have a brush with the law, your fate will still be decided at the Sir Francis Greenway designed Windsor Court House, built in 1822, or you could do your penance at another Francis Greenway structure, St. Matthews Anglican Church built in 1817.
The narrow streets around Windsor are full of examples of the type of houses which prevailed in the 1840's, most being still used as residential homes. The Hawkesbury Historical Society holds occasional re-enactment activities here, and for further information Tel: 4577 2310.
Just five minutes away from Windsor is the town of Richmond, where there are an abundant number of historical buildings. The Richmond School of Arts is still administered as an entertainment venue by the same society established in 1861.
Apart from the historical churches, post office building and courthouse, there are a number of Victorian mansions still in their full glory. These can be seen along March Street, West Market Street and Windsor Street, most are still used as private residences.

Directions/Instructions Alyson Pereira, Tourism Officer. Tourism Hawkesbury Inc.
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