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Gravity Hill
Rohnert Park, California
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The Gravity Hill is just south of Santa Rose and east of the city of Lohnert Park in Sonoma County. The actual hill site on Lichau Rd. (pronounced Lee-How) is in the Town of Penngrove.
Take the Redwood Hwy (101) from Santa Rosa to Rohnert Park.
Go east on Rohnert Park Express Way. Turn right on Pataluma Hill Road. Turn left on Robert Rd. Turn right on Lichau Rd. Pass Cannon Rd. which veers of to the left.
Soon you will see the crest of a hill. At the top of the hill, you'll pass a large iron-grate sign that says ``Gracias Santiago.''


Picture © by Sheila H. Giovan

WARNING. You are on a public road! Obey all traffic signs and rules. Where there are hills there are blind spots. Always bring someone to watch for other traffic. Never try the hill when the road is wet and slippery or during inclement winter weather conditions.
With caution, position your car at a "
bottom" of the hill and put your car in neutral. Take your foot off the brake and you will experience the thrill of your car not only climbing the hill by itself, but gaining speed as it goes. Look out for other traffic.

After trying this natural phenomenon you may question it's causes. Well, we don't want to disappoint you, but whether it is called a Magnetic Hill, Gravity Hill, Mystery Hill or Electric Brae it is an optical illusion. It has nothing to do with magnetic fields, electricity or unknown forces working along mysterious lines.

Area Information
The hill location is just east of the city of Lohnert Park, Santa Rosa Valley, in Sonoma County.
Although many people already know Sonoma County for its award wining wineries this county offers many more attractions that make it the perfect vacation or getaway experience.

Just 35 miles north of San Francisco, among 1,604 square miles, you will find a wild and dramatic Pacific coastline, the winding Russian River, vineyards, majestic old growth redwoods, historic towns, delightful inns and fine hotels.
The beauty of the area has attracted artists and craftsman colonies, rejuvenating spas and some of the finest dining experiences in the United States. The experience can be relaxing and rejuvenating or fast paced and exciting depending on your tastes and desires; and it will always be memorable.
Sonoma County is the original home of wine production in northern California and still the largest producer of quality wine. Its wine grape appellations are also a handy way for travelers to sample the distinctive flavors of the county's diverse regions.

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