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Tifton - Georgia
Tift County
. Photo © Mark Visser
Area Information
In the mid 1800s, Captain Henry Harding Tift left his home in Mystic, Connecticut for the piney forests of South Georgia to harvest timber for the family shipbuilding business. Little did Captain Tift know that the sawmill he built to prepare the lumber for shipping, and the train tracks that were laid to ship the lumber would be the beginning of Tifton, Georgia.
As Tifts Town (as it was known until 1890 when the name was changed to Tifton) grew, Captain Tift and his associates adopted the same town layout that Mystic, Connecticut had, with even numbered streets running east and west as one traveled north from the center of town, and odd numbered streets following the same suit as one traveled south.
Town streets were the setting for parades, tobacco balls, pageants, and community activities. Men and women returned home from World War II and enjoyed the air-conditioned comfort of the Tift Theatre complete with color movies and improved sound. Children could walk safely to the corner drug store for a hotdog and cold coke. The Post Office was a place to meet your neighbor and catch up on the latest gossip, or maybe the barbershop across the street held more interesting company. Progress met the south when President Eisenhower proposed a new road system that would allow travelers to get from place to place in record time. He would call it the interstate system and it began, right here in Tifton, Georgia.
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