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Heinsburg - Alberta
Photo © St. Paul County. Melissa Grey
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Built: 1930. Height: Capacity: 272,000 liters
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As Alberta and Saskatchewan came into being in 1905 this region began to be settled with few services available, partly due to the barrier of the North Saskatchewan River. In 1913 John Heins set up a post office and store in his home near the current Whitney Lake Provincial Park. The next year a ferry started 5 miles south. With the coming of the CNR in 1928, two elevators were built near the river and, like many communities, the town of Heinsburg moved to the Railroad. The train ran 6 nights a week to this end of line stop.
Heinsburg History

Heinsburg is a hamlet located approximately 21 kilometres north of Highway 45 and 66 kilometres northwest of Lloydminster. John Heins, an early postmaster, gave the community his last name. Wikipedia

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