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Standpipe Information
Location: Reid Street
Built: 1965
Height: 19.81 m. Diameter: 10.97 m.
Capacity: 1,893,706 liters
Photo credit: Town of Wabush

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Wabush - Nfld. & Lab.
Photo © Town of Wabush

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Area Information
The land that would come to be the communities of Wabush and Labrador City was first explored by AP Low in 1896. In the 1930’s, ore deposits were more thoroughly examined and, with the development of a railway from Knob Lake to Sept-Iles in the 1950’s, created a gateway to the trench for the mining industry.
- Early in the 1960s the town of Labrador City in western Labrador near the Quebec border, was built to accommodate employees of the Iron Ore Company of Canada and was incorporated in 1961. Wabush and it's twin town Labrador City are commonly referred to as Labrador West.

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