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Standpipe Information

Location: Credit Street*.
Built: 1987
Height: 27 meters
Capacity: 1,195,000 liters
Water source: groundwater

*Standpipe access only from private property. Not visible from road

Alton - Ontario
Town of Caledon. Peel Region. Photo © Mark Visser

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Area Information
Location: This small village is in the northwest corner of Caledon and part of the Greater Toronto Area.
- Alton was settled in the early 1800s on the banks of Shaw's Creek (a tributary of the Credit River) and was a thriving industrial centre.
Caledon was named after Caledon, Northern Ireland.
- Caledon is a beautiful destination in the fall. However you choose to get here, whether it's Highway 410 to Highway 10 or Highway 427 to Highway 50 to Mayfield Road, once you arrive there are many routes to see spectacular fall colour. Town of Caledon

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