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Location: 8602 Townsend Line
Signage: Arkona

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Arkona - Ontario
Lambton County. Photo © Mark Visser

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Area Information
Arkona is Located half way between London and Sarnia in Southwestern Ontario.
In the 1860's and 1870's the coming of the railroad, made or broke communities. Arkona did not get a railroad but it did not die either. Instead, it continued to be a major centre of commerce and business in Lambton County. Indeed by 1876, it was made a village. Its location near Rock Glen made for a marvellous site for hydro-electricity which was created in 1907 with the damming of the river. While Arkona was serviced by the power dam at Rock Glen until Ontario Hydro took over in 1926. Arkona

Wisconsin Glacier and Arkona
Arkona owes its location to the Wisconsin Glacier which covered Ontario over one million years ago. This glacier piled up great mounds of mixed earth, and disrupted the drainage. When the glacier retreated sixteen thousand years ago, the future site of Arkona lay at the base of the Wyoming Moraine along the shores of the ancient glacial Lake Arkona. About ten thousand years ago, a horrific earthquake rocked the entire area and caused a section of the bedrock to drop almost 80 metres into the earth, creating a gorge along which the Ausable River changed course eating its way northwestward towards Lake Huron, through the Wyoming Moraine gravel deposits at Hungry Hollow. This earthquake and subsequent fault valley revealed to the eyes of the world, the rich fossil beds which later would make Arkona world famous being utilized by many Canadian and American universities for research. Arkona
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