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Signage: Arnprior

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Arnprior - Ontario
Renfrew County. Photo © Mark Visser

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Area Information
Arnprior is a town in Renfrew County, in eastern Ontario, Canada at the mouth of the Madawaska River, as it enters the Ottawa River in the Ottawa Valley. It was on the Brockville and Ottawa Railway at the junction of the Madawaska and Ottawa Rivers. The average price of land $20 to $40.
- The town is a namesake of Arnprior, Scotland, and is known for lumber, hydro power generation, aerospace, farming and its proximity to the national capital region.
- Arnprior was incorporated as a village in 1862. Thirty years later (in 1892), it was incorporated as a town. Wikipedia

Arnprior Silver Dollar
In December 1955, the Royal Canadian Mint made up an order of 2,000 silver dollars for a firm in Arnprior, These coins had 2 and ½ water lines at the right end of the canoe. This was similar to the accidental disappearance of water lines on the versions from 1950-1951. The 1955 dollars caught the interest of many collectors and it was this version that led to the term Arnprior being applied to any dollar with an appearance of missing water lines.
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