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Leamington - Southwestern Ontario
Essex County. Photo © Adam Schiefer (L) Mark Visser (R)

Tower Information (10-2005)
Signage: Leamington Tomato Capital of Canada. Union Water System
Area information.
Located on the 42nd parallel, Leamington shares the same latitude as Northern California. Leamington is also home to the largest concentration of Greenhouses in North America. This multi-million dollar industry focuses mainly on growing tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and flowers.
By 1858 the population of Leamington had grown to 75. In 1860, regular stagecoach communication was established between Leamington and Windsor. The railway arrived in 1887 and an electric light plant was established in 1888. The waterworks began operating in 1891 and natural gas and oil were discovered in the area. Leamington is grateful for the contributions of the many migrant workers who help in the agricultural industry.  The Migrant Worker Community Program, a nonprofit organization, provides social, cultural, recreation and communications for migrant workers during their stay. Municipality of Leamington
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