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Location: 35 King Street
Signage: Port Colborn Niagara

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Port Colborn - Ontario
Niagara Region. Photo © Mark Visser

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Area Information
Port Colborne is a Niagara Peninsula city of over 18,000 residents located at the southern terminus of the Welland Canal on the northern shore of Lake Erie. Following the completion of the canal in 1833, this small settlement on Gravelly Bay was named a port-of-entry in 1834 and given its present name in honour of Upper Canada's then Lieutenant-Governor Sir John Colborne, who was instrumental in securing funding for the canal project.
In 1918, Port Colborne was officially declared a town.
In 1966, Port Colborne received the status of 'City'
City of Colborne

Port Colborne located at the southern terminus of the Welland Canal
The Welland Canal connects Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. It forms a key section of the St. Lawrence Seaway. Traversing the Niagara Peninsula from Port Weller to Port Colborne, it enables ships to ascend and descend the Niagara Escarpment.
The canal carries about 3,000 ships a year. The southern, Lake Erie terminus of the canal is 99.5 metres (326 feet) higher than the northern terminus on Lake Ontario. The canal includes eight 24.4-metre-wide (80 ft) ship locks.
Seven of the locks are 233.5 m (766 ft) long and raise (or lower) passing ships by between 13 and 15 m (43 and 49 ft) each. The southernmost lock, is 349.9 m (1,148 ft) in length. Wikipedia
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