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Standpipe Information

Location: 447 ward Line West
Signage: Sombra Township
Built: 1975
Height: 45.7 meters
Capacity: 910,000 liters
Water source: Lake Huron
Port Lambton - Ontario
Lambton County. Southwestern Ontario. Photo © Mark Visser

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Area Information
Port Lambton (pop. 1000) is located in Sombra Township on the St. Clair River just outside Wallaceburg and south of Sarnia. After 1812, people started to settle along the St. Clair River. Before few people lived there. They were French, and didn't have legal title to the land. When the Irish moved in, the French sold their squatters rights to the Irish in about 1833.
Post office opened in 1871, one time known as Lambton Village. Rural mail was first delivered in 1908, and all mail routes completed in January 1909.

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