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Location: Tecumseh Road
Signage: Tucomseh Home of GreenGiant

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Tecumseh - Ontario
Essex County. Southwestern Ontario. Photo © Mark Visser

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Area Information
Tecumseh is located in Essex County in Southwestern Ontario. It is on Lake St. Clair east of Windso. It is part of the Windsor census metropolitan area.
The creation of Tecumseh Road in 1838 and the establishment of the Great Western Railway opened up the area for settlement. The French were for the most part the original settlers of Tecumseh. The real growth in Tecumseh occurred in 1931 with the establishment of the Green Giant Factory as Fine Foods of Canada. Green Giant (now Bonduelle) is still located in Tecumseh and continues to employ full and part-time workers.
The Town of Tecumseh is considered to be a bedroom community of Windsor. Wikipedia

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