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Location: 105 Allanburgh Rd.
Signage: Niagara Thorold

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Thorold - Ontario
Niagara Region. Southwestern Ontario. Photo © Mark Visser

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Area Information
The city is located on top of the Niagara Escarpment, 350 feet above sea level.
The Township of Thorold was incorporated in 1798, while the Town of Thorold was incorporated as a village in 1850 and as a Town in 1875. In 1970 the new Town of Thorold was created by combining the former Township of Thorold and the former Town of Thorold. On the first day of July, 1975, the new Town of Thorold became the Corporation of The City of Thorold.
In 1824, the first Welland Canal was built. The fourth and present Canal was completed in 1932. The Welland Canal connects Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. City of Thorold

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