Walpole Island. Near Wallaceburg, Southwestern Ontario.
Photo Credits: © Mark Visser
Tower Message:
Walpole Island Unceded

Tower Location:
Walpole Island First nation Reserve (near Wallaceburg)
Tower Information

Water Source:
Area Information: The island is located between Ontario and Michigan at the mouth of the St. Clair River. The modern delta emerged only 6,000 years ago.
The area is known by the locals as Bkejwanong, the-place-where-the waters-divide. It is also known as Walpole Island, named after the "warpoles" which were long wooden starves planted in the ground with the emblems of the First Nations on them.
Walpole Island Reserve is home to 3,000 members of the Ojibway,
Pottawatomi and Ottawa tribes.Although the Pottawatomi settled permanently at Walpole Island only after 1836, they had used the territory of southwestern Ontario at a much earlier date. Walpole Island has never been founded, legislated, established, set apart or surveyed as a "reserve".
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