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Tower Information
Signage: Estevan
Built: 1958. Repainted: 1983
Height: 34,4 m. D: 22.8 m.
Capacity: 3,409,567 liters"

Photo credit: Estevan Art Gallery.......
Water source: Boundary Lake
Maintenance: Washed, drained, chlorinated, inspected annually

Estevan - Saskatchewan
Photo © Estevan Art Gallery and Museum

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Area Information
- Location:
Estevan is the eighth largest and most southern city in Saskatchewan, located in Western Canada. It is located approximately 16 km north of the Canada-United States (North Dakota) border.
- Settlement of Estevan began in 1892, with the extension of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) line from Brandon to Estevan. Extension of the Soo Line railway between North Portal and Moose Jaw brought many American settlers to the area, accelerating the pace of settlement, and placing Estevan on a major North-West/South-East trade route terminating in Minneapolis.
- In 1899, Estevan was incorporated as a Village and became a Town in 1906. City of Estevan

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